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BTHT selects the right healthcare experts. We connect clients with experts from our network and the new experts we recruit every day.

BTHT Expert Calls

BTHT Expert Calls connects you with healthcare experts on specific topics, through calls or private workshops.

BTHT Placements

BTHT Placements connects you with the right healthcare experts for multi-days consulting assignments to long-term placements.


How does it work?

1. Identify Your Topic

Our team of professionals will work with you to create the approach that best identifies, assesses, and answers your questions on your timeline.

2. Build a Plan

Based on your needs and the identified approach, we work with you to design a detailed plan, choosing from our distinct research offerings.

3. Learn From the Best

Gain qualitative insights from subject-matter experts for your specific needs, in your timeframe.


Book a 30-minute call with our Founder, Alexis Capelle, to discuss your needs!

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