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What should you expect as Employee #1 at BTHT?

We recently published a job offer for a pre-hiring internship at BTHT. This step being a key phase in the development of this project and the first time ever I will recruit a full-time employee, it was necessary for me to make it a little more personal.

So let’s make this different and efficient.


You know the drill; being the employee #1 in a young company equals evolving in a constantly moving environment and therefore having, and owning responsibilities - meaning being okay at taking risks, and making mistakes, while enjoying the journey. If you are okay with it, you can continue to read.

🧠 Business

I am Alexis, the Founder of BTHT; the first and only specialized expert network for consultants, investors, and entrepreneurs in life sciences in Europe and in the US. Long story short, we are a service provider connecting healthcare experts with clients for 1h calls primarily.

🎯 Vision

My vision is to grow, nurture and turn this unique network into a global ecosystem to accelerate healthcare innovation, hence BTHT i.e., Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare Together! This is a huge challenge. I know. But I strongly believe we can do it. If the challenge seems insurmountable, this role is not for you. And that’s okay. There is only so much you can do.

🐒 Soft skills

If you still follow me, be ready to work and interact daily under time pressure with a very diverse audience of clients and experts from manufacturing specialists to CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies. This is stretching, and it will be a continuous learning experience, growing your emotional intelligence as well as your intercultural management skills.

🗣 Languages

Reading that, you also already know that you need to write and speak English fluently. One or two additional languages would be a plus.

⚙️ Hard skills

Technically speaking, mastering digital tools will be a critical skill to succeed. You will use them to source, contact, monitor, and interact daily with our clients and experts, as well as to deliver our marketing plan. You will leverage no-code solutions (Notion, Airtable), automation (Zapier), and growth hacking tricks to create more value and work more efficiently - while reducing low-value-added tasks.

🎓 Qualifications

It doesn’t matter if CAR-T or CDMO is barbaric words to you, or if you feel uncomfortable not having a life sciences background. It is indeed a plus, but it is not a requirement. Your differences will be your strengths. I am looking for a smart, driven, curious, and ambitious professional.

🤑 Gratification

We are a profitable business, since day one, fully bootstrapped. And I plan on keeping it that way, not sharing the profits with investors, but rather with the team that will help me execute on this vision. So there won’t be any fundraising or big press coverage, but you will be rewarded - above the market standards - for the excellence and the quality of your work.

📩 Next step

If you feel like an entrepreneur, a problem solver, and if you are excited about your future with BTHT, contact me. We will revolutionize life sciences together and your professional life will finally take a direction in which you will be recognised and valued as the unique talented person you are.

See you soon in Barcelona 😎


Contact us at

No work visa will be issued. You will have to work physically from Barcelona - at least at first. Starting date from November 2022. Attractive salary to be negotiated based on your profile. Vesting will be discussed from 2023.

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