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The Right Healthcare Experts

Deliver higher value with the right healthcare experts.

B.uilding T.omorrow's H.ealthcare T.ogether

Our vision is to be the one-stop-shop for high value-added human cooperation in the healthcare industries; to select, match and engage the right experts with professionals or companies.


Enter the specialized world of healthcare experts along with a flawless tailor-made service

BTHT Healthcare Focused

Healthcare Focused

BTHT teams and partners are purely health and business professionals.

BTHT Tailor-Made Service

Tailor-made Service

Your dedicated project manager will work with your team to create a tailored research approach, helping you get answers to your most pressing questions.

BTHT Premium Expertise

Premium Expertise

Our network of vetted experts is sourced through the most exclusive business and scientific networks and nurtured daily.

BTHT Flawless Process

Flawless Process

Our unique process ensures the most efficient experience from the definition of your needs to the validation of experts, scheduling, and post-match services.

Our Difference

Find out how we can help you

Enjoy simple, easy to implement, high value-added services

BTHT Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations

Direct, easy to set up discussions with experts, no matter where you are in the world.

BTHT Workshops


In deep exchanges and discussions in working groups with our experts.

BTHT perfectly understood the problematic and the key issues in order to identify the right experts, where other generalist networks have failed."

Senior Consultant, Cepton Strategies

BTHT gave us access to high-level expertise in record time as part of a due diligence with a very precise therapeutic and geographical scope."

Managing Director, Bluebirds Partners

BTHT enabled exclusive interactions with comprehensive profiles combining business and technical expertise in the life sciences niches we were looking for."

Consultant, Advancy


Discover how we protect you

Access the most advanced expertise in the healthcare industry

Healthcare Providers

Professionals who administer care to patients, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, surgeons, physiotherapists, and oncologists.


Clinical trial researchers, including lab directors, lab managers, and principal investigators.

 Payer Administrators

Supervisors who oversee operations, including hospital C-suites, IT decision-makers, and procurement leaders.

Other Professionals

We also work with regulators, patients, electronic medical record experts, and data scientists.

Industry Experts

Specialists in research & development, quality assurance and control, regulatory affairs and manufacturing.


Our experts enjoy the experience of sharing their expertise with our clients.


Our experts like the way we exchange and manage the process, simply and efficiently.


9 out of 10 experts would recommend our services to their contacts.


Get in touch

Speak directly with the most knowledgeable healthcare experts, so you can save time and make better business decisions.

Are you a healthcare expert in your field? 
Contact us and start sharing what you know.

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